Medical Society of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties
Mission Statement: To unite the medical profession of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties to promote the highest standards of medical care for the citizens of the two counties.

6405 Metcalf Ave Ste 507

Shawnee Mission, KS 66202

Phone: 913-432-9444

Fax: 913-432-9004

Executive Director: Jacque Amspacker

Email: [email protected]

About Us


Forging a New Trail

On January 1, 1999 two societies became one. Johnson County Medical Society (JCMS) and Wyandotte County Medical Society (WCMS) consolidated into one. It is a natural step to consolidate since many physicians practice in both counties. The consolidation offered the two societies a stronger and more influential voice in the Kansas Medical Society and Legislature.

In 1998 Dr. Bill Brooks, President of WCMS and Dr. Dick Warner, President of JCMS, envisioned a society of both counties. After several months of dialogue, the Presidents, their boards and membership decided it was time to consolidate. Martha Hunt, who had been the Executive Secretary in WCMS, wrote the bylaws for the new society; with suggestions from Doctors Bill Brooks, Bob Coleman, John Nelson, Tony Racela, and Dick Warner. Harriet Hayward became the Executive Director of the new society.


The Medical Society's role in healthcare is constantly changing. The Society is a dependable tool for navigating your way through the fears that leave physicians vulnerable to exploitation. Physicians' fears have prompted a stampede of ill-conceived actions over the last few years; and the transition from being healthcare's royalty to mere cogs in a dysfunctional system has been anything but smooth. The consequent disempowerment feed the anxiety, anger and mob mentality that physicians harbor today.

Being a member of MSJWC keeps you informed of current healthcare issues. Additionally, our united voice can make an impact on health-care legislation and regulations.

The object and purpose of MSJWC is to unite the medical profession of Johnson and Wyandotte counties to:

  • promote the highest standards of medical care for the citizens of Johnson and Wyandotte counties

  • extend medical knowledge and advance medical science

  • foster the interests of its members

  • foster the enactment and to encourage enforcement of equitable medical laws and regulations

  • function as a component of the Kansas Medical Society

  • contribute to the direction and goals of the American Medical Association.

We create strength by our numbers. Help us to have a voice. Our goals include:

  • Advocacy for physicians·

  • Medical Practice Support·

  • Public Relations for achievements·

  • Community Service·

  • Collaboration with Medical groups·

  • Social Interaction·

  • Raise awareness on healthcare issues