Medical Society of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties
Mission Statement: To unite the medical profession of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties to promote the highest standards of medical care for the citizens of the two counties.

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Executive Director: Jacque Amspacker

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Programs of the Medical Society of Johnson & Wyandotte Counties

The members of the Medical Society of Johnson & Wyandotte Counties continue to look for ways to collaborate with other medical groups and community groups to develop exciting projects and committees. Our organization is a grassroots system. The focus is to educate our community and our leaders.

As the needs are brought to our attention through physician members or requests from the community, we create provocative dialogue while giving concrete ideas in return to the community.


Preceptor Program

Physician Preceptor Program

In an effort to acquaint community members with the daily lives of physicians, Dr. Robert Coleman developed the Physician Preceptor Program in May of 1992. Dr. Art Snow serves as chairman today.

That first program had eight business and community leaders as participants. Now 21 years after the program's inception, this year's program had fifteen preceptors participate, including representatives from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid in Baltimore.

As part of the experience in the Physician Preceptor Program, each participant follows physicians in one of four different setting as they go through the routine of their day. Additionally, participants may spend time in the emergency, narcology, radiology and surgery department.

The participating physicians and hospitals have been very generous in allowing the program participants to view and experience caregiving. The Medical Society of Johnson & Wyandotte Counties is fortunate to enjoy the cooperative spirit that exists among its physicians and these outstanding hospitals.



Wy/Jo Care

Wy/Jo Care Program Information

Wy/Jo Care is a community partnership to improve access to specialty health care for low-income, uninsured residents of Wyandotte and Johnson Counties. It combines care provided in primary care safety net clinics with donated specialty care in a coordinated referral program led by the Medical Society of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties. It is designed to enhance the work of existing safety net clinics and other community agencies.

Wy/Jo Care is modeled on similar Project Access programs in other cities including Wichita, Topeka, Dallas and Columbus, Ohio.

Although many residents of Wyandotte and Johnson Counties have health insurance and reliable access to medical care, more than 63,000 do not. Often, those without health insurance are working hard in one or more low-wage jobs without health benefits, earning too much to qualify for government assistance programs like Medicaid or HealthWave, but not earning enough to afford health insurance and still meet other essential needs such as food, clothing, and housing.

Many physicians already care for low-income, uninsured patients; however there is limited access to specialist care through the Safety Net clinics. Wy/Jo Care helps fill that need. Wy/Jo Care demonstrates the commitment of physicians and other health care providers to patients and our community in a way that is organized, efficient, and properly recognized. It is an opportunity for physicians, hospitals, city and county government, and other community agencies to help existing low-income clinics and agencies provide needed care a way that is coordinated, efficient, and more effective than any single entity could provide alone.

Patient Eligibility

Patients must meet the following criteria to qualify for Wy/Jo Care:

  • Family Income of less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines,
  • Resident of Wyandotte or Johnson County for at least three months,
  • Have no medical insurance, and
  • Not eligible for government medical assistance, such as medicare, medicaid, VA Benefits or KanCare.